How It Came Together

Nehemiah History

The Nehemiah homes are the product of an unprecedented example of local citizens and churches that bonded together to bring affordable housing to East New York and Brownsville.  Since the early 1980s, more than three thousand homes have been built under the Nehemiah housing plan. 

The intent of the Nehemiah housing plan was to build “new” neighborhoods from the burned out, rejected and abandoned 1970’s Brownsville and East New York communities and to give low to moderate income families a chance to become homeowners.  EBC’s plan was ultimately successful. The Nehemiah plan provided many low-income families the opportunity to buy a beautiful new home, help rebuild these abandoned communities, give this city a “face-lift”, and a new group of tax-paying and voting homeowners.  Today, these Nehemiah communities still boost well-maintained affordable single family homes.

We are all dues paying homeowner associations located respectively in Brownsville & East New York Brooklyn.  Each association is a not-for-profit organization governed by a set of By-Laws upheld by a Board of Directors that oversees the maintenance of their adjoining sewer system, daily administrative operations and management of their Nehemiah homes, as indicated above.

Our mission is to maintain the integrity, legacy, and the social and cultural development of our communities, to keep our neighborhoods safe, clean, informed and vibrant while continuing to make positive strides in our neighborhoods.

The Four NEHEMIAH Divisions are:

  • Brownsville Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • East New York Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • New Lots Nehemiah Homeowners, Association
  • Spring Creek Homeowners Association
Brooklyn Nehemiah Homeowners Associations

B.E.N.S. - Brownsville, East New York, New Lots, Spring Creek

The B.E.N.S. strategy team is a group of boardmembers that represents the collective homeowners’ associations. We meet regularly to work on common issues that effect our communities, and to implement necessary changes that will impact our associations’ future.