New Lots Homeowners Association Inc.

We are the homeowners who have purchased homes from East Brooklyn Churches. Our community has a separate sewer line that feeds into the City sewer line. We are responsible for repairs to this sewer line. Consequently, membership in the organization is mandatory. This was an agreement made between the builders-East Brooklyn Churches and the City of New York. The Homeowners Association is responsible for collecting and managing the sewer funds. All Nehemiah Homeowners are automatically members of the Association when you purchase your Nehemiah home. The Association is governed by By-laws and rules and regulations. Board members are elected by the homeowners.

Where is the Homeowners Association located?

Office location:
551 Vandalia St., 4th Fl. (bet. Elton & Essex St.) Brooklyn, NY 11239

Tel: (718) 642-4211

You may contact us by phone or mail or email.

Why do we collect dues?

Dues are used to maintain our sewer system and for related organizational expenses such as office rent, utilities and mailing expenses.

Billing statements are mailed out for the preceeding year. Dues payments should be made payable to New Lots Homeowners Association Inc. by check or money order (do not send cash).

Can I prepay my dues?

Yes, dues may be prepaid at any time. However, delinquent dues are subject to penalties. Please see the By-Laws for complete information on the penalties.

Who do I call with questions regarding dues?

Please refer all questions regarding dues to our Property Managers, Macon Property Management Group at 917-652-4444.

What is the procedure if I have a sewer problem?

The Association is responsible for maintaining the common sewer line only. Please have a plumber identify where the problem lies. If it is in the common line, please contact the Association for verification of the problem before any work is authorized. If the problem is not in the common line the Association is not responsible for your repair.

What type of problems will the Association repair?

The Association will repair any breaks or blocks found in the common sewer line only. Breaks or other problems occurring in the line running from your home to the common sewer line are the responsibility of the homeowner.

What is the common line?

The common line is the community sewer line that runs across our properties. It runs parallel to the city sewer line. Breaks in the common line normally cost approximately $2,000 to $50,000 to repair. The Association is responsible for the maintenance and repair of this line. Homeowners must be up to date before any repairs are authorized.

What should I do If I have a mortgage delinquency or foreclosure problem?

Please contact the Association as soon as possible for assistance. All information will be kept confidential.

New Lots Board of Directors

Patrice Leonard, President

Julia Faulk, Vice President

Yonette Graham, Secretary

Christine Valentine, Treasurer

Zandra Brockman, Treasurer

Carmen Daniels

Claudia Baptiste

Deborah James

Nadine D. Reyes

Nadine Wilson

Nancy Edwards

Noel Moses

Pamela Farquharson

Robin Taylor

Wilfredo Florentino